• images (7)Swimming Lessons are available 6 Days in a week!
  • Standard Pack Comes with 2 classes per week!
  • Each Session is for 1 hour; in a week 2 classes; 8 classes per month!


24 classes are needed to cover basic level, which includes:


~ Free style,

~ Breast Stroke and

~ Basic Lessons of Diving.



Another 24 classes are required to complete the advanced lessons, which includes:


~ Back Stroke, 

~ Butterfly Stroke and

~ Advanced Lessons of Diving.


  • We allow max. 10 students only per slot!
  • Our Pool is a warm pool! We operate during winter season too!
  • Its an indoor pool!
  • Parents waiting area is available very next to the pool, which helps the parents to monitor the entire lessons from outside the pool!

Cute swimming class smiling poolside at the leisure center

Level end Certificates are issued after each 3 months classes!

Professional Instructor support helps the students to learn the swimming lessons easily!


Those students who have completed / attended 6 months swimming lessons with us, can get 50% discount on swimming fees, for any further swimming practice sessions with us!

Admissions are OPEN throughout the year!


Our students performance during our 14th Anniversary Celebrations…(2017)

23 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. Muhammad irfan ali June 8, 2018 — 7:05 am

    Do u provide any pick & drop for the kids?
    What are ur charges for basic package sn whats ur location?


    1. Good Evening Dear Mr. Muhammad Irfan Ali, sorry for very late response…
      Sir, we are located in Malaz, very close to Riyadh Animal Zoo… v operate from one of the nearby compounds…
      Regarding basic package, pls let us know which course you need it… skating / drawing / swimming ???
      Regarding Transportation, we need to know your location, the charges vary from location to location…
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      Kind Regards,
      Mani V Pillai


    2. No we don’t provide transportation and fee is 250rs for 8 classes


      1. WE do have transport services… pick-up and drop back facilities… but limited to nearby areas only…
        The charges vary from place to place… based on distance…


  2. what about female children
    also what is the fee for the all 6 moths course after the discout


    1. good evening mr. Benoy…
      Very sorry for … the very late reply…
      Sir, regarding swimming we can give classes for girls too… if they are not grown up girls… we can accommodate small children… as we do not have any female instructor for the swimming…
      Regarding fees, we charge SR. 500 per 8 classes, currently there is a 10% discount offer is ON…
      to complete the basic lessons you need 24 classes and to complete the advanced lessons you need another 24 classes…
      total 48 classes are needed to complete both the levels…
      If you take 2 classes per week, then 6 months time needed to cover entire 48 sessions…
      We do not charge / take 6 months fees in advance…
      You have provision to pay for 8 classes (if you attend 2 classes in a week),
      12 classes (if you attend 3 classes per week), 16 classes (if you attend 4 classes per week), 20 classes (if you attend 5 classes per week), or max.
      24 classes (if you attend 6 classes per week)…
      Should you need any further clarification, please feel free to contact us.
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

      Kind Regards,
      Mani V Pillai


  3. What is the minimum age of a child to get enrolled in swimming course.


    1. Good Evening Dear Mr. Mohammed,

      Very sorry for the very late response…
      Sir, we can give admission for swimming classes from 4 years onwards …
      For any further information, please feel free to contact us…
      Kind Regards,
      Mani V Pillai


  4. my kid is 3years and two months old, Is the age an appropriate to join the swimming course?


    1. We recommend to join for swimming from 4 years onwards…


  5. I am looking for a class for my 2.5 year old, what age do you start your classes at? He currently swims with a swim jacket but would like him to be independently swimming by school time end of this year. Please can you confirm you teach this age group, what the price is, and what days and times these take place.

    Many thanks


    1. Sorry for the late reply…
      We give admissions from 4 yrs onwards only…


  6. Hello. My son is 11 years old. What is the upper age limit for kids to join your classes? Thanks


    1. Good Afternoon Dr. Sajad,
      Thank you for your inquiry…
      4 – 15 years age group can join our swimming sessions…
      We do have 25% discount offer is ON till June 30, 2019…
      We are OPEN 6 days in a week in 10 months…
      And OPEN all 7 days in JULY and AUGUST…
      Please contact us through our WhatsApp number to get the ongoing offers…
      Our Summer Pack activities and options and offers!!!
      Our WhatsApp number is 0550538507


  7. How much is the fee for one month


  8. How much is the fee for one month and do we have to bring our own accsesories


    1. Dear Mr. Nasrullah, we have an offer of 15% summer discount on Swimming lessons…
      yes, you need to bring your own accessories for hygiene reasons…
      The charges vary based on number of days you attend per week / per month…
      Say 2 days per week 8 days per month SR. 500 and after discount SR. 425
      Say 3 days per week 12 days per month SR. 750 and after discount SR. 638 and so on…
      For quick replies, please contact us thru our WhatsApp number 0550538507


  9. My daughter is 14 years old do you have swimming facilities for them.


    1. Good Afternoon Dear Mr. Usman…
      Thank you for your inquiry…
      Kindly, contact us thru our WhatsApp number 0550538507…
      Please note that, we have only male instructors…


  10. What is the maximum age for swimming classes?


    1. We accommodate 4 yrs – 15 yrs aged school children…


  11. Do you have swimming classes for 3 years old ?


    1. thank you for your inquiry. Mr. Waqas, we offer swimming classes for the age group of 4 – 15 years. we have seen that, les than 4 years, such as 3’8, 3.10 are doing ok… but as it is group classes of different age groups in the same slot, it is not recommended to include less than 4 years in the batch. As the other students may not get attention at all. if the less than 4 yrs are not friendlier to water, they may just scream around and the whole slot’s attention will be focused on that one student, and the rest may not benefit from the entire slot. We have seen that, the other students’ parents my object such later. If such small students too, if they are friendlier to water, obey the instructor, respect the class, then it is ok… I have seen that, on youtube many small children of 1 yr / 2yrs are learning swimming. But, in all those cases, it is ONE TO ONE CLASSES and not GROUP / BATCH CLASSES…


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