Abacus, Mental Maths

15- UC MAS ABACUS 2016!

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  • Abacus the Mental Maths Department function 6 days in a week!
  • For 5 ~ 8 yrs children can attend Junior Abacus!
  • We have 3 levels of Junior Abacus!
  • JA1; JA2 and PREPARATORY !
  • Each levels of Junior Abacus can be completed in 2 months.
  • Weekly 2 classes are available; 1 hour per session; min. 8 hours per month!images (17)
  • Each level of Junior Abacus can be completed in 16 sessions!
  • End-of-the-level international Examination!
  • Level completion certificates for all the pass candidates!
  • For 8 ~ 13 yrs children can join Regular Abacus!
  • We offer 8 levels of Regular Abacus!


  • Each Regular  Abacus Level can be completed by 3 months lessons / 24 classes / 24 hours!
  • Admissions are OPEN throughout the year!





Abacus Demo Session during our 14th Anniversary Celebrations…(2017)

1 thought on “Abacus, Mental Maths

  1. Hi!
    How much for the regular abacus and mental math for 10year old boy? And is it still open and during when please?
    Hope to hear from you.


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