Abacus, Mental Maths

15- UC MAS ABACUS 2016!

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  • Abacus the Mental Maths Department function 6 days in a week!
  • For 5 ~ 8 yrs children can attend Junior Abacus!
  • We have 3 levels of Junior Abacus!
  • JA1; JA2 and PREPARATORY !
  • Each levels of Junior Abacus can be completed in 2 months.
  • Weekly 2 classes are available; 1 hour per session; min. 8 hours per month!images (17)
  • Each level of Junior Abacus can be completed in 16 sessions!
  • End-of-the-level international Examination!
  • Level completion certificates for all the pass candidates!
  • For 8 ~ 13 yrs children can join Regular Abacus!
  • We offer 8 levels of Regular Abacus!


  • Each Regular  Abacus Level can be completed by 3 months lessons / 24 classes / 24 hours!
  • Admissions are OPEN throughout the year!





Abacus Demo Session during our 14th Anniversary Celebrations…(2017)

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