Complimentary Classes are usually available 4 times / seasons of a year!

  1. Grading Holidays (March / April)
  2. Ramadan (EID) Holidays
  3. Hajj (BAKREID) Holidays
  4. Winter Holidays (December / January)
  • During the above mentioned four (4) seasons, complimentary sessions would be available / offered for 2 ~ 3 weeks, in each season!
  • Complimentary Classes are usually announced when the schools announce holidays for 2 – 3 weeks!  During such short vacation, students and parents usually don’t go for outside trips.  At the same time, it is really challenge for all parents to keep their kids away from  activities. BROTHERS, support all our regular students and parents during these days by offering complimentary sessions and by keeping them busy with extra-curricular activities.   As the students are totally free from academics during these period, we offer Five (5) Courses in Five (5) Hours, for our regular students, “Absolutely Free”!  It helps them to experiment the new art format / new talent / new skill, and can evaluate themselves, whether it suits them or not, whether it is easy / interesting than what they were practicing / learning / attending currently …  At the end of the day, we target almost all our students to be familiar with almost all activities … that we offer…
  • a sincere commitment to support and develop your KIDS’ extra-curricular talents…
  • In each season minimum 8 days’ classes will be provided as complimentary!
  • Complimentary Classes will be provided during weekdays only (Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays only)!
  • During weekends (Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays) the regular paid classes will only happen.
  • From the listed / available courses 5 courses can be selected!
  • One Instrumental and Four non-instrumental courses can be selected!
  • It is not mandatory to attend minimum 5 courses or it is not mandatory to attend five hours sessions …  but the maximum is 5 courses / hours!
  • By getting the complimentary classes in weekdays and by attending the weekend sessions, parents can keep their kids engaged in extra-curricular classes up to 6 days in a week…  keep them active … keep them learning … keep them socializing …
  • Complimentary sessions will not be available for those years / seasons, if it falls in between July ~ August (in between Summer Holidays)!
  • Only our Regular Students can avail the complimentary sessions!
  • Those new students who have taken admission at least 30 days before the complimentary session start OR those old / regular students who were not absent from last month classes and paid last month fees, are considered as “Regular Students” and only they can avail the complimentary sessions!
  • Swimming and Abacus Classes are not part of Complimentary Sessions!
  • Management reserve the right to add / reduce the number of courses … number of days… in complimentary sessions, based on instructors availability and other possibilities…


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