Western Dance


Western Dance Classes are taught in a BIG Hall, in classroom environment, which is good for Dance practices, with high quality floor mat with proper grips and foam supports.

ANIC0571Our Dance Classes are intended for beginners (those who have NO dance background) as well as for seniors (who were attending dance Lessons before).

Students who have formally learned Dance Lessons (different formats) earlier will get advanced lessons and will be included for choreography as well.

anil4845.jpgStudent should indicate the same at the time of registration, so as to include them for choreography sessions. 

But, before including them for such, an assessment would be conducted on such students to test their dance knowledge.

anic0424.jpgClass pattern for the Beginners:

Three (3) sessions per week!

One (1) Hour per session!

Minimum Twelve (12) hours per month! 


Senior students can attend 2 hours sessions. 

anic0699.jpgClass pattern for the Seniors:

Three (3) sessions per week!

Two (2) Hours per session!

Minimum Twenty Four (24) hours per month! 


Beginners are recommended to select 1 hour slots for first 5 – 6 months, in later stages they can go for 2 hours slots.  Charges would be the same, whether it is one hour slots OR 2 hours slots / one sessions per week OR two sessions per week OR three sessions per week.

ANIC1798Beginners will not be included for monthly assessments, for first 3 months.  3 months from the date of first session, every student would be included for monthly assessments.

BROTHERS’ Certificate of Appreciation would be issued for winners, those who gets First / Second / Third position, on monthly / group / level basis.

anic2311.jpgThose who attend the Dance Lessons consecutively for one year would be selected for the Stage Shows, but before such “a ready for show” recommendation is needed from the Instructor-in-charge.

BROTHERS maintain qualified, experienced, talented, disciplined professional Instructors for the Western Dance Class Department.

anic3072.jpgCurrently, we have two (2) Very Talented / Professional / Experienced Full Time Instructors for our Western Dance Department!

Admissions for Dance Classes are open throughout the year.  Minimum age to get admission in Western Dance Department is 3.6 Years.

anic3374.jpgDress Code: Casual Wear / Loose wears.

We are OPEN 6 days in a week…

Week days classes are usually with SUN – MON – TUE combinations.

Weekend classes are with THU – FRI – SAT combinations.

We hearty invite parents and our well-wishers suggestions to improve our activities.


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