Karate Classes

Karate the martial art lessons are taught in a Classroom, which is good for Karate practices, with high quality floor mat with proper grips and foam supports. This course is intended for beginners (those who have NO martial art background) as well as for seniors (who were learning Martial Arts earlier).

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Students who have formally learned Karate earlier should submit the Certificates indicating their Grades in Karate at the time of registration, so as to admit them for higher grades.  But, before admitting them in advanced lessons, an assessment would be conducted on such students to test their Karate Khaata knowledge and basic practices, both practical and theoretical.


Our Karate Classes for 3 days in a week and that too for 1 hour per session, which means a minimum of 12 hours lessons are possible for every month.  Charges would be the same, whether a student attends 2 days per week or 3 days per week classes.


Beginners will not be included for monthly assessments, for first 3 months.  3 months from the date of first session, every student would be included for monthly assessments.  BROTHERS’ Certificate of Appreciation would be issued for winners, those who gets First / Second / Third position, on monthly / group / grade basis.  Those who attend the Karate sessions consecutively for one year would be selected for the Stage Shows, but before such “a ready for show” recommendation is needed from the Instructor-in-charge.


Parents are not allowed to interact with the instructors directly, especially during class days.  Parents, those who wish to have such interaction sessions would be recommended to book for such (through the office) at least a week before.  Such interaction sessions would be entertained only for weekdays, that too after the completion of first 3 months classes.  At the same time, we allow the parents to visit the class room and to interact with the instructor for 2 minutes, but only once and that too at the time of admission only.


Dress Code: Karate Uniform (tailor made karate uniform available)

BROTHERS maintain qualified, experienced, talented, certified Instructors for the Karate Department.

Admissions for Karate Lessons are open throughout the year.  Minimum age to get admission in Karate Department is 3.6 Years.

We hearty invite parents and our well-wishers suggestions to improve our activities.



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